Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Dagger - Ahead Of You All

THE DAGGER is a hard rock/heavy metal band from Stockholm, Sweden formed in 2009 by Fred Estby, David Blomqvist, Tobias Cristiansson and Tyrant, who are or have previously been involved in bands such as DISMEMBER, GRAVE or NECRONAUT. After auditioning several possible singers and seeing Tyrant exiting the band, Jani Kataja (MANGROVE, SIDEBURN) joined the fold as vocalist by the end of 2012.

While there certainly was a revival of 70’s rock and traditional 80’s metal in recent years, THE DAGGER thought many acts around lacked the right feeling and sound, so they set out to create real classic hard rock / heavy metal rooted in blues rock and perform it simply the way they like to hear it themselves. THE DAGGER stands for eagerly rehearsing, jamming, recording live and writing songs as a unit resulting in an authentic and captivating approach.

The group’s debut 7” single (released via High Roller Records in Summer 2013) and the upcoming “S/T” debut album were recorded at Gutterview Recorders (owned by Fred Estby and Nicke Andersson) in Stockholm, where bands like IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC, ’77, BULLET and MORBUS CHRON already recorded their material.

While legendary acts such as early IRON MAIDEN, DEEP PURPLE, JUDAS PRIEST and RAINBOW obviously left their mark on THE DAGGER, the band does not rely on just resurrecting the 70’s/80’s era of hard rock but focus on quality throughout the entire album offering heavy to-the-point riffing, strong vocal melodies and twin guitar harmonies in spades.

Inspired by the gods … destined to deliver the goods!

• Jani Kataja (ex-SIDEBURN, MANGROVE) - Vocals
• Fred Estby (NECRONAUT, ex-DISMEMBER) -- Drums
• David Blomqvist (ex-DISMEMBER) - Electric Guitar
• Tobias Cristiansson (GRAVE, ex-DISMEMBER) - Electric Bass
• Robert Pehrsson (ROBERT PEHRSSON'S HUMBUCKER, DEATH BREATH) - Electric Guitar

Today's tune "Ahead Of You All" is taken from the self titled debut album, enjoy!

The Dagger performing Ahead of You All. First act at the Close-Up Boat Thursday September 18th 2014. Poor sound quality, pure awesomeness.

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Friday, April 28, 2017

Lake Jons - I Come Clean

LAKE JONS is a finnish trio, formed by a happy accident in 2014. Singer-guitarist Jooel Jons got accompanied by guitarist Jaska Stenroth and drummer Mikko Pennanen.

The trio started working together as LAKE JONS, creating their beautiful folk sound at a garage somewhere in Helsinki. Since then LAKE JONS have played loads of live (mostly in Finland, but I believe that pretty soon overseas) shows and charmed people with their music which combines the spirit of dusty garages, rumbling canyons and nordic woods. Gorgeous vocal harmonies and moods referring to Bon Iver, Josh T. Pearson and Beck are in the center of it all.

Today's tune "I Come Clean" is a single release from the guys!

Upcoming Shows:

28.4. Bar KUKA, TURKU

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Coogans Bluff - Beefheart

COOGANS BLUFF is a rock band from Rostock, Germany, formed in 2003. They plays a varied mix of soul, kraut and progressive rock. The band called themselves after the film of the same name Coogans big bluff.

In 2003 four young men decided it was time to show the world how ROCK had to sound in their book. COOGANS BLUFF, named after an old Clint Eastwood movie, was born. Heavily influenced by some of the big players in the history of handmade, iconic rock’n’roll and wildly determined to prove themselves resistant enough to bear the hardships of a musician’s life, Charlie Paschen (drums), Willi Paschen (guitar), Clemens Marasus (bass) and Thilo Streubel (voc) set out to rock the very foundations of a mainstream – ridden world (where everything was pink and digital and popular music sounded like anchovies – flavoured cow poop smells).

A relentless touring schedule gained them a faithful following and some EP’s and Split’s as well as their first Long Player "CB Funk" cemented the band’s reputation as superb songwriters and live performers.

2011 the band relocated to Berlin and "Magic Bubbles" was released. Shortly afterwards Singer Thilo chose to take a short break from the band to take care of family matters. Rather than going on hiatus the rest of the band agreed to not cancel a confirmed gig on the Island of Sardinia at the Duna Jam Festival, instead putting together a live set consisting of instrumental versions, adding a horn section (the same guys who previously lent a hand on "Magic Bubbles") and leaving vocals entirely out of the picture. Rehearsals went down with a bang, to the extent that new songs were written and even bassist Clemens Marasus took the position behind the microphone, impersonating (with considerable success, mind you) an eclectic mix of an early Captain Beefheart, Tom Waits and a pitched – down version of Janis Joplin at the height of her polytoxic period. Those new songs marked another era in the history of the Bluffers. 70’s funk with a hint of soul was always part of their music, but this time they nailed it. Play it loud and take a ride with the Poncho Express where we find today's tune!

Today's tune "Beefheart" is taken from the album "Poncho Express", released May 25 2012

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sinner - Road To Hell

SINNER are a German heavy metal band formed by vocalist and bassist Mat Sinner in 1982 (who later joined Primal Fear). They were part of the German heavy/speed/power metal scene. Their latest album, Tequila Suicide, was released in March 31st 2017 and the first taste from it is today's tune "Road To Hell"

Based in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Sinner released their first album, "Wild'n'Evil" in 1982. This album, along with the next two ("Fast Decision" and "Danger Zone") were raw affairs, having little in common with the melodic metal they would later become known for. After many personnel changes (including drummer Edgar Patrik leaving to join BONFIRE), the band saw the addition of ACCEPTs Herman Frank on guitars and the release of "Touch of Sin" in 1985. Frank would leave before the next album, 1986's "Comin' Out Fighting", with future U.D.O. guitarist Mathias Dieth replacing him. 1987 saw the release of "Dangerous Charm", a much more melodic album than previous efforts, but shortly after this the band took a break and wouldn't be heard of again for five years.

In 1990 Mat Sinner released a solo album called Back to the Bullet on BMG with a completely new band. Three members of the Mat Sinner band reformed SINNER and released "No More Alibis" in 1992, an album far heavier than anything SINNER had released before. This renewed vigour coupled with songwriting that far exceeded the band's previous releases not only carried on but strengthened with "Respect" in 1994 and "Bottom Line" in 1995, the latter staying in the Japanese national charts for five weeks. SINNER were to reach even higher peaks though, releasing two hugely successful albums with "Judgement Day" in 1997 and "The Nature of Evil" in 1998

In 2000 the band saw its first line-up change in five years as several members left, including guitarist Tom Naumann while ex-HELLOWEEN and GAMMA RAYs Uli Kusch filled in on drums for "The End of Sanctuary". However, in 2003 the previous 1995–1999 line-up renewed itself and released There Will Be Execution before going quiet again for four years. In the past nine years the band had released six albums, each as good, if not better than the last, proving to be the band's most successful period. This success would continue, as after releasing two more albums with PRIMAL FEAR, an album with his pre-SINNER band GODDESS SHIVA and guesting on Tribuzy's debut album, Mat Sinner brought SINNER back to release "Mask of Sanity" in 2007. This album spawned two popular singles in "Diary of Evil" and "Black" and included a faithful rendition of THIN LIZZYs "Baby Please Don't Go".

Vinyl Version

Today's tune "Road To Hell" is taken from the album "Tequila Suicide".

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