Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Mortichnia - Heir

"Heir to Scoria and Ash" is the black/doom metal five-piece’s debut album by the Irish MORTICHINA. Recorded over a ten day period in December 2014 at trackmix studio, the record was Produced, mixed, mastered by James Kelly (ALTAR OF PLAGUES), engineered by Michael Richards with Catherine Gavin providing Artwork.

MORTICHINA is a pretty new name to the Irish scene, but the members involved are certainly no strangers. Formerly working under the familiar moniker of WOUND UPON WOUND, in late 2014 it was decided a fresh start was needed, so WUW was retired and the latest line-up re-emerged soon after under the name MORTICHNIA.

Inspired by the burning fervour of black metal and the crushing despair of doom metal, "Heir to Scoria and Ash" is a conscious condemnation of human frailty and an awakening of irrefutable regret. Drawing lyrical inspiration from misanthropic instinct, the work presented speaks of sullen wisdom, it's begotten grief sustained by cathartic visions of impermanence. Which apses demands more? No bodies prostrate in twisted reverence before its cold logic.

Mortichnia are: I.D - Vocals L.M - Guitar D.G - Guitar J.H - Bass P.F - Drums.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

UADA - Devoid of Light

From the darkness, UADA (meaning haunted in latin) emerges breathing the spirit of the original 90’s Black Metal wave. Since 2014, this Portland, Oregon four-piece has used a unique approach to combine raw black metal and spectral melodies.

January 24th, 2015 saw the live debut appearance for a packed house at ‘Famine Fest II in Portland, alongside bands like TERRORIZER, ENGORGED, NEKROFILTH, DRAWN & QUARTERED, CEMETERY LUST & many more. UADA was well received & quickly dubbed one of the main highlights of the Festival. Following their first and only photo shoot with Peter Beste, UADA returned fire in Portland at the 6th Northwestern Black Circle Festival with INQUISITION, DEMONCY, WEREGOAT, SLUTVOMIT & many more. This first year included 10 additional showings in the Pacific Northwest with ANTAEUS, NEGURA BUNGET, BELL WITCH, CHRISTIAN MISTRESS, SABBATH ASSEMBLY and more.

Vinyl version, to bad it's already sold out, would like to get my hands a copy of this.
In spring 2016, their debut album "Devoid of Light" was released via Eisenwald, self-recorded by the band & then mastered by Joel Grind (TOXIC HOLOCAUST). It features the artwork of Kris Verwimp and band photography by Peter Beste. In support of this new album, UADA is confirmed to play the Northwestern Black Circle Festival again, this time with ABSU and will mark the kick off date for a west coast tour.

Thanks Chief Rebel for the tip on this band, they are freaking good.

Today's tune is the title track from the debut album "Devoid of Light".

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Cobalt - Slow Forever

Category Eight: 
(Best Right Now) 
last and final tune taken from the annual hard rock evening.

This is one of the most funniest categories to do, here you get the chance to play something really good that you like and share it to the others and hopefully they will like it to. The tune that I picked this year was "Hunt The Buffalo" taken from the fourth studio album "Slow Forever" by American black metal duo COBALT. An album that have been played in my mind a lot lately. "Slow Forever" with COBALT reaches the 4th place on the Tune Of The Day's TOP 100 album list of the Best Albums 2016, where all the top 5 albums is a winner.

So why not a combo, a "Record of the Week" with the annual hard rock evening in the same post? Hell yeah, as it's Monday and a new week so lets do it.

But first the other tunes that was played.

TESTAMENT - Neptunes Spear
COBALT - Hunt The Buffalo
GHOST - Square Hammer
KVELERTAK - Nattesferd
SIXX:AM - Lies of the Beautiful People
METALLICA - Halo on Fire
UADA - Our Pale Departure

(Missing songs from two participants).

"Slow Forever" is a big return by COBALT, more triumphant and focused as ever. With Wunder and the new vocalist Fell they have created an epic album. A real reborn COBALT that have make their best-ever record. Aggressive, violent and very accessible, a magic mix of purifying blast of righteous, mixing doom metal with black metal and hardcore.

COBALT are: Erik Wunder (all instruments) Charlie Fell (vocals)

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Dave Otero at Flatline Audio in Denver, CO.

Today's tune "Beast Whip" is unsurprisingly a masterpiece that will get your stiff body to shake.

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Supermachine - Heavy Bullet

Today we present Category Seven: 
(Optional Tune) 
taken from the annual hard rock evening.

Interesting line up of tunes here, a really good mix of rock, hard rock, metal and death metal. My choice was the Zürich based extreme metal band BÖLZER with the sludge tune The Archer. 

LIK - Endless Oceans of Blood
BÖLZER - The Archer 
MOTÖRHEAD - Born To Raise Hell
INCITER - From Within
ALTER BRIDGE - White Knuckles 
SUNBURST - Out of the World
PARADISE LOST - Small Town Boy

Today's tune "Heavy Bullet" with the Southern New Hampshire rockers SUPERMACHINE, a tune that was taken from the bands self titled debut, released May 10, 2013.

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