Thursday, November 16, 2017

Blue Stones - Black Holes

Windsor, Ontario based Blues Rock duo BLUE STONES show that two dudes really is enough to create some killer stuff, check this up!

Not having a third member to fill another rhythm role, the duo developed an original characteristic to the sounds of the bands that influenced them, such as KINGS OF LEON, MY MORNING JACKET, MUTEMATH and THE BLACK KEYS.

“We never had a bass player in our early jams, so we subconsciously compensated for one in the music,” says guitarist/vocalist Tarek Jafar.

Apparently it’s worked, the group has reached top-level sales on the popular as well as garnering over one million spins on Spotify. The duo’s music has also been featured numerous times on major network television shows such as Suits, Parks and Rec and Monday Night Football .

The BLUE STONES create a killer hi/lo effect; contrasting their slick and put together look with their rough and rollicking live show. Heart, soul and sweat characterize every BLUE STONES spectacle – you can’t help but be pulled in from the moment the first note is played.

The two are elated to have played with premiere acts and in national festivals; however, they’d like to achieve an even greater reach to bigger audiences around all of North America and the world.

“We love this too much to keep it hid in southwestern Ontario.”


Tarek Jafar - Vocals/Guitar
Justin Tessier - Percussion/ Back-Up Vocals

Today's tune "Black Holes" performed live in The Rock studios for The Rock Indie Show with Theresa!

With a Kick Ass video.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Appice - Monsters & Heroes

"Sinister", the first joint studio album by Carmine and Vinny Appice, "APPICE" was released on October 27 through SPV/Steamhammer as double gatefold vinyl, CD digipack, download and stream.

The official video for the albums first single, "Monsters And Heroes", can be seen below.

You're unlikely to find a phenomenon like Carmine and Vinny Appice a second time in the history of rock music. For more than forty years, the two brothers have been among the most sought-after and renowned rock drummers worldwide. Carmine and Vinny (each of them on his own) can be heard on numerous legendary albums and have toured countless times with some of the world's greatest acts. Carmine embarked on his musical path in the 1960s with the unforgotten VANILLA FUDGE, manning in the course of his illustrious career the drums for superstars such as Rod Stewart and Ozzy Osbourne, among others. His brother Vinny, who is eleven years his junior, looks back on an equally spectacular career, having worked with acts such as BLACK SABBATH, HEAVEN & HELL and DIO, among others. With the exception of the live album "Drum Wars - Live!" (2014), there has been no direct collaboration between the two so far. That's about to change!

"Sinister" was recorded with the support of a number of prestigious guests. Vinny says:
  "As Ringo said: with a little help from our friends."

Lineup and guests

Carmine Appice (drums, vocals)
Vinny Appice (drums)

Jim Crean (vocals)
Paul Shortino (vocals) (ROUGH CUTT, ex-QUIET RIOT)
Robin McAuley (vocals) (MSG)
Chas West (vocals) (ex-LYNCH MOB)
Scotty Bruce (vocals)

Craig Goldy (guitar) (ex-DIO, ex-GIUFFRIA)
Bumblefoot (guitar) (ex-GUNS N' ROSES)
Joel Hoekstra (guitar) (WHITESNAKE)
Mike Sweda (guitar) (BULLETBOYS)
Erik Turner (guitar) (WARRANT)
David Michael Phillips (guitar) (KING KOBRA)

Tony Franklin (bass) (ex-BLUE MURDER, ex-THE FIRM)
Phil Soussan (bass) (ex-OZZY OSBOURNE)
Johnny Rod (bass) (KING KOBRA, ex-W.A.S.P.)
Jorgen Carlson (bass) (GOV'T MULE)

Today's tune "Monsters And Heroes" is taken from the brothers latest album "Sinister". Lyrics written for Ronnie James Dio Video Produced, Directed and Edited by Jamie Brown (Smoking Gun Productions Inc.) Director of photography: Sebastien Paquet Camera Rigging: Tom Hawthorne Video Guest Stars: Okai Sisters (Mayuko & Tsuzumi) & Carrot Top Drums: Vinny (left) & Carmine (right) Vocals: Paul Shortino Guitar: David Henzerling & Mick Sweda Bass: Johnny Rod Bk Vocals: Cast of Thousands Written by: P.Shortino, D.Henzerling, C.Appice

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Jono - Crown

Swedish band JONO started as a solo project of singer Johan Norrby (hence the moniker ”JoNo”), who has been singing, writing, and playing music in various bands and projects over the years. This applies also for all the other members of the band. Guitarist Stefan Helleblad is a member of Dutch symphonic sensations WITHIN TEMPTATION, Drummer Nicka Hellenberg also played all the drums on WITHIN TEMPTATIONs "The Unforgiving" and has an impressive resume involving bands and recordings. Both keyboard player Johan Carlgren and bass player Janne Henriksson are frequently hired for both live and studio sessions. Leo Olsson – also a busy musician – joined the band in 2015.

JONO’s music is hard to pinpoint. Maybe it's best described as melodic rock with symphonic and progressive elements, always based on strong melodies with bombastic arrangements. Dynamics and a contemporary, fat sound are important ingredients in the JONO musical recipe. Their music has been said to show the influence of great artists like Queen, Supertramp, Kansas, Journey and Sparks, but above all the band has received a lot of credit and praise because of their unique sound.

The band says: 'We are very thrilled and proud about our cooperation with Frontiers Music Srl, a label which is home to so many great artists we truly respect and admire. As a band, this is an excellent opportunity to reach the international markets we've been aiming for. We can't wait to release the coming album, and of course hit the stage to be heard and seen by a wider audience, meeting with old and new fans. See you all out there!'

In 2016 the band signed a deal with Frontiers Records Srl. Next album will be released on the Frontiers label in December the 1:st

Today's tune "Crown" is taken from the upcoming

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Night - Raft of the World

Monday, new week, time to introduce "Record Of The Week"

"Raft of the World" is the third album by the Swedish rockers NIGHT .

A band that mixing an old school rock with classic NWOBHM, with good and groovy songs, great rock vocals and bombastic riffs makes these guys third release a real joy to play. The new album holds 9 tunes of pure rock music were the band explores new territories and reconnects with the force that burns strong within.
The record opens up with the masterpiece "Fire Across The Sky", magic intro riffing and souring rocky vocals, a tune that set's the starting point of how things will sound like on the rest of the album. "Surrender" keeps the pace and it's a very melodic piece with great riffs and a rhythm section that really delivers a great soundscape. And it follows up with the more bombastic "Under the Gallows". A bassline that smooths the tune with it's white glows, a real groovy guitar solo that kicks ass! The short acoustic one minute "Omberg" is really nice. "Time", the first single and today's tune is a classic rocker. "Strike Of Lightning" another rocker with a stomping melody, great signing. The tempo rises in the next upbeat tune "Winds" where the bassist and drummer are in the spotlight, amazing tune! "Coin In A Fountain" have a old Western movie feeling, half paced, touchy and emotional, slow and very beautiful. The album closes on high ground with "Where Silence Awaits", wailing twin guitars, great hocks, groovy rhythms and scream vocals. 

Sum: "Raft Of The World" is great album if you dig the early NWOBHM-inspired Swedish heavy metal then this is for you. Recommended!

NIGHT are:

Oskar Andersson - vocals & guitar
Calle Englund - guitar
Sammy Ouirra - bass

Today's tune "Time" is taken from Nights third album "Raft of the World", released 1st of September on The Sign Records.

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