Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Broken Bells - The High Road

After 2½ weeks on the road making festivals, I am finally at home, sleeping in my own bed, to meet up with family, taking a bath, drink my own coffee without someone crying on the radio in need of something. I feel the body crying out for the rest, my muscles ache and my feet feel like a packet of raisins, but equally i am happy for it.

Now last week I have been residing in a parking lot in a park in central Gothenburg. Lots of bands have passed thru, however only few i manage to see, and the bands that I stopped on the fly to see a tune with was the American Broken Bells.

Broken Bells includes the members Brian Burton (better known as Danger Mouse) and James Mercer, the lead vocalist and guitarist for the Albuquerque indie rock band The Shins. Broken Bells compose and create as a duo, but are joined by a full band on tour. Following the success of their first self-titled album, Broken Bells, Mercer and Burton have announced intentions to record a follow-up.

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2 kommentarer:

Chief Rebel Angel said...

Välkommen hem min vän.
Snygg förändring av er "logga" också!

Stones said...

Tack Chief, skönt att vara hemma igen.