Sunday, August 22, 2010

tAKiDA - Never Alone Always Alone

It was the last show of a Swedish Tv Program called "Sommar Krysset" yesterday.
Me and my friend Hasse were helping out changing the sets for different bands.
There were 7 artists..pweew
There were a Swedish artist called "Brolle"
Pugh Rogerfeldt trio, couple of really great guys.
Tove Styrke a girl that were in the Swedish Idol 2009.
Mohombi a dance music group.
Chanée & N´evergreen a danish group.
Simone Moreno with Friends a girl from Brazil
It was insane in between but we made it ok.

Just under the (full-)dress rehearsal the rain just came without any warning
and the Dj table was out and Brolle´s synth and computor went wet.
The synth/comp. was ok ;)
The Dj table was a dummy so I dont know if it worked or not, we will see
today cos its a party for the crew today and I think they will use it.

Takida, Brolle and and Pugh's trio was good, I guess the other stuff
they were good as well but not my music style :p

As Takida were the one´s that made the biggest impact on me we take them
with the song they play´d.

Takida is a alternative rock, post grunge band that was formed 1999 from north of Sweden. They did a big hit in 2007 called "Curly Sue" on the album named "Bury Alive"
That album took a platinum in Sweden (sold over 40.000 copies)
Yesterday the played another song from their latest album from 2009
"The Darker Instinct".

On their site they are selling a video that I did one of the follow spots on.
*Proud* hehe. the site is http//
They will make a tour in France and Germany later this fall.

Takida is:
Robert Pettersson (vocals)

Tomas Wallin (guitar)

Mattias Larsson (guitar)

Fredrik Pålsson (bass)

Kristoffer Söderström (drums)

Folks here is the tune that they played.

Peace, Thetania

Never Alone Always Alone.

Takida Live @ Ö-vik 3/7 2010

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