Wednesday, December 13, 2017

He Is Legend - Air Raid

"Air Raid", is a tune and video from Wilmington, North Carolina's rockers HE IS LEGEND, see it below. The song is taken from the band's latest album, "Few", released on April 28 via Spinefarm Records.

The band's current lineup is front man Schuylar Croom, guitarists Adam Tanbouz and Denis Desloge, bassist Matt Williams and drummer Sam Huff.

The band has enveloped from their previous musical style where they had a blend of Southern metal and Metalcore and now today they mixes a more softer style like Southern rock and alternative metal with a psychedelic rock sludge metal spice.

Like today's tune "Air Raid" where you get a wall of low rumbling sound, gentle vocals before it gets interrupted by a jangling, slack-wristed guitar riff and a vocal with more punch in it's melody. The Video was directed By Justin Reich.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Myles Kennedy - Year Of The Tiger

ALTER BRIDGEs lead singer Myles Kennedy is going solo, his latest single is the title tune from his upcoming solo album "Year Of The Tiger", set to be released March 9th, 2018 via Napalm Records. The effort was helmed by ALTER BRIDGE's longtime producer Michael "Elvis" Baskette.

"Year Of The Tiger" will feature a guest appearance by drummer Zia Uddin of THE MAYFIELD FOUR, a group Myles descries as his "first real national touring band" back in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

ALTER BRIDGE is expected to take most of 2018 off from the road while the bandmembers focus on other projects.

Writing for the follow-up to 2016's "The Last Hero" will begin next year, with tentative plans to release the effort in 2019.

Kennedy with his that unique and bluesy voice of his, he gives us a glimpse at his soul, known for his work with ALTER BRIDGE as well as SLASH FEATURING MYLES KENNEDY & THE CONSPIRATORS recently completed the highly anticipated record, which is available for pre-order in various bundle configurations at this location.

On "Year Of The Tiger", Kennedy embarks on his first venture as a solo artist by embracing musical elements and influences he hasn't explored until this point in his career. His appreciation for the blues and acoustic based music can be heard throughout the 12-song concept record inspired by the loss of his father when he was a child.

Anthemic spirit, fragile melodies and gritty acoustic guitars don`t turn "Year Of The Tiger" into a sad goodbye, but into a celebration of survival and life in all its facets.

Today's tune "Year Of The Tiger" taken from his upcoming solo debut. The video follows a reflective Kennedy as he travels through the memory of the loss of his father in 1974 — the year of the tiger.

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Robert Plant - Carry Fire

Monday, New Week and I see that I have time for one more album review and "Record Of The Week" before we close this year.

"Carry Fire" is the 11th solo release for the LED ZEPPELIN lead singer is backed by his band the Sensational Space Shifters and features a guest appearance from Chrissie Hynde from PRETENDERS.

Folkloric have been something that Robert Plant always have embraced during his carer as a singer and songwriter. I am referring to the tales of the occult, Vikings and even Tolkien that we heard in the tunes of LED ZEPPELIN or the more folk traditions and myths that he has been working around during his solo carrier. With "Carry Fire" he dives deep into international folk forms and blends both musical, cultural and ancient lyrics with yesterday’s entries and creates something flavouring as "Carry Fire".

"Carry Fire" is a very detailed, ambitious and very direct album, it's so full of life that you get happy inside when you get this a spin.

The first cut "The May Queen" is a atmospherics piece with a spicy from Americana, lovely lyrics. The guitars ricochet throughout the spiritual tune "New World" until the more straightforward love song "Season's Song" and "Dance With You", two magical pieces that could be played at a any feast. "Carving Up the World" sounds like a mix between the 60's rock and African rhythms and goes in the same steps as the title tune, but "Carry Fire" has a more Indian flavour added to the sound. "A Way With Words" could been a collaboration with THÅSTRÖM, it's naked, slow, gray and slightly industrial with alot of motions and feelings. "Bones Of Saints", slight guitars with a ruffling drums shows another side of Plant, Americana with a Blues and Folk in a mix sounds pretty good here. "Keep It Hid", another slight Industrial tune, muffling bassline, guitars that stands out and a sentimental and groovy vocal makes this a tune to stand out, I really dig this. "Bluebirds Over the Mountain" Industrial Blues, modern but still retro, or ancient, a tune that I just love, specially Chrissie Hyndes part, suits this tune perfect. The album closes up with the mystique half pace "Heaven Sent", a emotional and historical piece.

Sum: Plant wears his years proudly and have released a magnificent album.

Robert Plant is out touring atm to supprt his new album, see the rest of the tour dates below.
Today's tune "Carry Fire" the title tune of the album, Enjoy!

Jools Holland regular & Led Zeppelin Front Man Album Interview 2017

Upcoming Tourdates:
11/12/17 PORTSMOUTH, UK Guildhall Sold out
12/12/17 BIRMINGHAM, UK Symphony hall Sold out
2/09/18 RALEIGH, NC Raleigh Memorial Auditorium Sold out
2/11/18 CHARLOTTE, NC Ovens Auditorium Sold out
2/12/18 NORFOLK, VA Chrysler Hall Sold out
2/14/18 NYC, NY Beacon Theatre Sold out
2/16/18 BOSTON, MA Orpheum Theatre Sold out
2/17/18 TORONTO, ON Massey Hall Sold out
2/20/18 CHICAGO, IL Riviera Theatre Sold out
2/22/18 MINNEAPOLIS, MN Orpheum Theatre Sold out
2/24/18 DENVER, CO Temple Hoyne Buell Theatre Sold out
2/26/18 PHOENIX, AZ Symphony Hall Sold out
2/28/18 OAKLAND, CA Fox Theater Sold out
3/02/18 LOS ANGELES, CA Orpheum Theatre Sold out
23/03/18 SYDNEY, AUS State Theatre
26/03/18 SYDNEY, AUS Sydney Opera House
27/03/18 SYDNEY, AUS Sydney Opera House
30/03/18 BYRON BAY, AUS Byron Bay Bluesfest
01/04/18 MELBOURNE, AUS Palais Theatre
02/04/18 MELBOURNE, AUS Palais Theatre
05/04/18 ADELAIDE, AUS Thebarton Theatre
08/04/18 PERTH, AUS Riverside Theatre

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Cock Sparrer - One By One

Sunday, time for a classic.

Today we pick a tune from the classic band COCK SPARRER that played at Kraken, here in Stockholm last night. A marvellous show as usal. Rarely do a band get the reaction that these guys do, they really know how to deliver a good evening and the set list was full of classics. A COCK SPARRER show is an event. It’s like cup final day. A family singalong. Theirs is a career in reverse, they’re bigger now than they ever were. Regularly headlining all the major punk festivals in Europe and occasionally hitting the US to headline events such as Punk Rock Bowling and Riot Fest.

COCK SPARRER are widely considered to be one of the most influential Street Punk bands in history.

2017 sees them celebrate their 45th Anniversary. Also the same year for the bands release “FOREVER”, their first album since 2007s Lars Frederiksen (RANCID) produced album "Here We Stand". 45 years on, still five blokes in a pub, five mates having a laugh, more than just a band.

The thing about Sparrer is that they're not just a band. They are childhood friends and have been making a noise since they got together way back in 1972. They were playing, drinking, going to football and generally making a nuisance of themselves when the late 1970s punk scene started in London. Finally it seemed that there were hundreds of like minded people with the same attitude.

However, the boys were from the wrong side of town and didn’t quite fit in with the ‘art school’ scene - they were more at home on the terraces wearing jeans and Dr Martens boots than being fashion victims in bondage trousers. They’ve always done things the way they wanted to. As Punk ended up with its own set of rules they were always on the outside as they just didn’t buy into it.

Despite being courted by SEX PISTOLS manager Malcolm McLaren (who they turned away for not buying a round of drinks), early tours with the SMALL FACES, THIN LIZZY, MOTÖRHEAD, SLADE amongst others and a record deal with Decca, the ‘music industry’ just wasn’t ready for COCK SPARRER.

Today's tune "One By One" from the band's new LP "Forever!", enjoy!

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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Primitive Man - Victim

Hard and peculiar is something the Denver’s nihilistic trio PRIMITIVE MAN shows associated with the video to the tune "Victim", a track taken from their second full-length album "Caustic", released on Relapse Records October 6th, 2017.

"Caustic" offering of soul-crushing blackened doom and noise-ridden claustrophobia, it's dirty, well-made and full of anger, like the contractions of childbirth or when you get hit with a concert block right in your face.

Recorded and produced at Flatline Audio by Dave Otero (COBALT, CEPHALIC CARNAGE, CATTLE DECAPITATION). "Caustic" is for anyone who enjoys some pain with their pleasure.

Vinyl version

Today's tune "Victim" is 6 minutes of bloodcurdling howls, abysmal tones and dense, unsettling feedback spewing forth a cesspool of utter misery. The video was Produced By: Dirt City Studios, Trill Kommand, Directed By: Neil Barrett, Marcos Morales

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Friday, December 8, 2017

Grave Pleasures - Infatuation Overkill

GRAVE PLEASURES is Finland's most notorious Post-Punk band.

There are still those rare bands out there in the world that have a unique ability to combine macabre, mystifying rock with a more pop-oriented flare, a la early BOWIE or early THE CURE. GRAVE PLEASURES are such a band that is equally suited for playing on a stadium stage, or in some Lynchian nightmare. It’s that duality and electrifying contradiction that makes their music so exhilarating.

Lead guitarist Juho Vanhanen (ORANSSI PAZUZU) steps up to write the majority of the songs together with British-born outcast McNerney (HEXVESSEL, ex- BEASTMILK/DHG/CODE). His screaming telecaster and unique interplay of discord and harmony has become a trademark of the band’s sound. Together with guitarist Aleksi Kiiskilä (ex - KOHU 63), their strings shimmer, hammer and howl out a web of sound which is distinctly GRAVE PLEASURES. Fleshed out by the hypnotic signature rhythms of Valtteri Arino (ex- BEASTMILK) on bass and Rainer Tuomikanto frenetically pounding the funeral drums (AJATTRA, ex- SHINING Swe), this group of well established punks have started to reach up to their zenith on their sordid new testament "Motherblood".

"Motherblood" was recorded at Orgone Studios in the UK with Jaime Gomez Arellano (GHOST, ULVER, HOST, PARADISE LOST) in March 2017. The studio was suitably situated on the site of an old WW2 coding bunker and brought with it the isolation of the bleak British countryside. The setting helped give the album an intense and smiling urgency that picks up where 80s UK bands such as MAGAZINE, THE WIRE and ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN left off, but never stopping long enough to look back too much into the past. Featuring guest vocals from David Tibet from CURRENT 93, the band sets the tone for their inspirations, from the esoteric underground of England’s hidden reverse to Manchester’s sound of misery. With their own metallic raw tone clashed with pop hooks, "Motherblood" is a furiously passionate and contemporary record, which re-defines post-punk as a “war-cry for the eternally doomed.”

Following the recording, they were asked to support their heroes KILLING JOKE on a short tour of Europe during June 2017. Debuting upcoming album songs to a newly captivated and eager audience, "Motherblood’s" fallout had begun. Come Fall 2017, the album will be out and detonated, let loose upon the world by Century Media Records.


Mat McNerney (Hexvessel, ex- BEASTMILK/DHG/Code) – Vocals
Juho Vanhanen (Oranssi Pazuzu) – Guitars
Aleksi Kiiskilä (KOHU 63) – Guitars
Valtteri Arino (BEASTMILK) – Bass
Rainer Tuomikanto (AJATTRA, ex- SHINING Swe) - Drums


“Dreamcrash” album CD/LP 2015 Sony Columbia/Metal Blade “Funeral Party” 7” 2016 Secret Trees “Motherblood” album CD/LP 2017 Century Media Records

Today's tune "Infatuation Overkill" is taken from the latest album "Motherblood" released in September 29th.

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Haunted - Watchtower

Catania based death-on-ten-legs HAUNTED manifest themselves in 2015, when gathered to came out in the wash their slow sub- sabbathian dirge occultish terror.

The banshees released their debut self titled full-length album in Digital and Digipack formats via TWIN EARTH RECORDS on August, 31st 2016. Two month later the Vinyl version got printed and released in two colored versions. Distributed worldwide the 31st October, 2016. Recorded & Mixed by Carlo Longo at NuevArte Studio, Catania, IT. Mastered by James Plotkin at Plotkinworks, Bethlehem, PA, June 2016. Artwork & Layout by Sandro Di Girolam. The albums music is a kind of ritualistic doom, characterized by long tracks, unmistakable B-movie horror vibe, churning heaviness and ethereal vocals.

HAUNTED is the soundtrack to your dark summoning ritual. All you have to do is draw yourself a pentagram and make sure the cameras are rolling. Don’t forget the candles."

Francesco Bauso: Guitars
Cristina Chimirri: Vocals
Valerio Cimino: Drums
Francesco Orlando: Guitars
Frank Tudisco: Bass

Today's tune "Watchtower" is an heavy, slow and deep piece of pagan distorted rock. A thick fog of bass lines and heavy smoky guitar riffs with poems/chants of Cristina Chimirri. Enjoy!

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Book of Wyrms - Leatherwing Bat

BOOK OF WYRMS is a Space Rock band from Richmond – USA, that features a great female singer, heavy guitar tones and a bucket of nice surprises that will pulversize your core with spaced-out blues/stoner metal. "Sci-Fi/Fantasy" is thier debut album from a band with a cool fantasy name.


Jay Lindsey - bass, 
Chris DeHaven - drums, 
Kyle Lewis - guitar, 
Ben Coudriet - guitar,
 Sarah Moore Lindsey - vocals, effects

Today's tune "Leatherwing Bat" is was the first single from BOOK OF WYRMS debut "Sci-Fi/Fantasy" (released January 1, 2017 on  Twin Earth Records). Engineered by: Garrett Morris Mastered by: Bryan Walthall. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The Dahmers - To The Night

As dusk settles in and night time approaches THE DAHMERS rise from their coffins once more. Like bloodthirsty creatures of rock n roll they will burst out into the moonlight leaving solitude behind on a rampage for terror.

Today's tune "To The Night" is an nerve breaking tune dedicated to the darkest of hours, dirty sound and sharp melodies made of mutation of garage punk, energic rock and 60s pop makes the tune a Frankenstein's monster of music. It's taken from the album "In The Dead Of Night".

THE DAHMERS formed during the year of 2011 in the quiet town of Bromölla, Sweden.

Take the primitive energy of punk and mix it with THIN LIZZY guitars that strike like lightning. Add melodies that will stay in your head like a leech to your eye and lyrics that would make Dario Argento and George Romeros work sound like bedtime stories. Now your starting to understand what THE DAHMERS are all about, an ambitious band that’s not afraid to throw all of their influences into the mix.

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Europe - Walk The Earth

Monday, new week and it's time to introduce this years last "Record Of The Week".

The Swedish band EUROPE have been around since the early 80’s, all started with a rock music championship called "Rock-SM" and then came "The Final Countdown", a tune that stil plays over and over.

Now with the eleventh studio album the bold "Walk the Earth" they gets the great award of "Record Of The Week".

"Walk The Earth" sets to establish the band as one of the most exciting contemporary rock acts not just of the years gone by but of current times too, the best album since their 2003 return!

The album was recorded in Royal form at the historic Abbey Road Studios in London. Grammy Award winning Producer Dave Cobb (Chris Cornell, RIVAL SONS) was behind the guys to bring the magic to the album. The artwork is made by Los Angeles artist Mike Sportes.

"Walk the earth" is full of seldom seen guitar variation by mastermind John Norum. From submerged loops in the superb "Kingdom United" to delicious distances in groovy "Haze" and "Wolves", the absolutely blown away solos in "GTO" and "The Siege". Joey Tempest voice sounds amazing, just take the half paced "Pictures" where he sings with such a tender and soulfully voice so that your body will shiver. The stunning title track with the slowly building keys intro signed Mic Michaeli until the heavy riffs and the thick bass from John Levén takes it place, a melody that kills with a catchy chorus and Joeys vocals is magic. "Election Day" takes a more classical rock approach, great harmony's from Mic's fingers and brisk work from drummer Ian Haugland. The rumbling "Whenever You’re Ready" is a uptempo swinger that will release your feet from both shoes and socks, you will see your self dancing barefoot in the snow screaming "Whenever You’re Ready, join me". The album closes with "Turn to Dust", one of the big highlights on the album where they bring in the most dramatic and lyrical depth piece, where all contribute with a superb performance, like the wonderful keyboard sweeps, sensitive drumming, a distinct bass line, smooth and cleaver riffs and vocals that peaks!

Sum: An excellent release from classical Swede giants.

Today's tune "Walk The Earth" is the title track from "Record Of The Week", enjoy!

Upcoming Tourdates:


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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Eagles - Take It Easy

Sunday, time for a classic.

"Take It Easy" is a song written by Jackson Browne and Glenn Frey, and recorded by the EAGLES with Frey singing lead vocals. It was the band's first single, released on May 1, 1972. It also was the opening track on the band's debut album "Eagles" and it has become one of their signature songs, included on all of their live and compilation albums. It is listed as one of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll.

Jackson Browne later recorded the song as the lead track on his second album, "For Everyman" (1973), and released it as a single as well, although it did not chart. Travis Tritt also covered the song for the 1993 EAGLES' tribute album "Common Thread: The Songs of the Eagles"; the video for Tritt's version is notable for the appearance of all five members of the EAGLES together the first time in 13 years after their break-up, and it led to the reunion of the band a few months later.

Jackson Browne originally began writing "Take It Easy" in 1971 for his own eponymous debut album but was having difficulty finishing the song. His friend and then-neighbor Glenn Frey had heard an early version and later asked Browne about it. Browne then played the unfinished second verse that begins with "Well, I'm a-standin' on a corner in Winslow, Arizona...", and Frey finished the verse with "It's a girl, my lord, in a flatbed Ford, slowin' down to take a look at me." Browne was very happy with the result and suggested that they co-write the song. The resulting song became the first track on the EAGLES' debut album and was released as their first single.

Browne told a version of the story in a radio interview: "I knew Glenn Frey from playing these clubs - we kept showing up at the same clubs and singing on the open-mic nights. Glenn happened to come by to say 'hi,' and to hang around when I was in the studio, and I showed him the beginnings of that song, and he asked if I was going to put it on my record and I said it wouldn't be ready in time. He said 'well, we'll put it on, we'll do it,' 'cause he liked it," Browne explained. "But it wasn't finished, and he kept after me to finish it, and finally offered to finish it himself. And after a couple of times when I declined to have him finish my song, I said, 'all right.' I finally thought, 'This is ridiculous. Go ahead and finish it. Do it.' And he finished it in spectacular fashion. And, what's more, arranged it in a way that was far superior to what I had written."

Today's clip is live from 1977, enjoy!

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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Bombus - I Call You Over (Hairy Teeth, Pt. II)

Woop woop!

The Heavy Duty Bomboozle Bonanza Gothenburg, Sweden’s BOMBUS have released a two track single entitled "Call You Over" featuring the song "I Call You Over (Hairy Teeth, Pt. II)", which is taken from their latest album "Repeat Until Death" and the previously unreleased track called "Black Stakes", cool and quirky lil’ tune.

The digital single including the previously unreleased track “Black Stakes” is available on all download and streaming platforms.

The band also have announced that they already entered the studio for the recording of our fourth studio album!

A brand new video for "I Call You Over (Hairy Teeth, Pt. II)" was also made, see it below.

The video is made by Adam Holmquist who also did the video for "Deadweight". This release is dedicated to Amélie de Moy - who appears in the video - and Nicklas Högberg at Live Nation who both sadly passed away way to soon. Enjoy!

More info @

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Friday, December 1, 2017

Hunter & The Bear - D.R.K

Modern, riffy rock from Britain’s most ruggedly named guitar-wielding foursome HUNTER & THE BEAR. Where the basic influences screams LYNYRD SKYNYRD.

"D.R.K." have great swing and energy in both melody and riffs, check out the clip below.

The band consists of:

Will - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Jimmy - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Chris - Bass, Backing Vocals
Gareth - Drums, Backing Vocals

Having shared the stage with Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, and SIMPLE MINDS, this young British band are making a big noise on the rock scene. The band are currently touring throughout the UK and Europe, see the dates below.

Today's tune "D.R.K." is the seventh single from thier debut album "Paper Heart", that was released on May 12th. The tune was written and performed by the band. The Video was directed and edited by David Kenny. Second camera - Jordi Castan. Hair and make-up by Sammm Agnew.

Upcoming tourdates:

** UK TOUR **

14th November Guildford The Boileroom (SOLD OUT)
15th November Plymouth The Underground
16th November Exeter The Phoenix
17th November Cardiff Club Ifor Bach (SOLD OUT)
18th November Bristol The Louisiana (SOLD OUT)
21st November London Great Escape Festival Hoxton Bar & Kitchen (SOLD OUT)
22nd November Glasgow Oran Mor (SOLD OUT)
23rd November Dundee Clarks (SOLD OUT)
24th November York Fulford Arms (SOLD OUT)
25th November Sheffield The Harley (SOLD OUT)
26th November Liverpool Studio 2
27th November Nottingham The Bodega
28th November Leicester The Cookie
29th November Cambridge Portland Arms
30th November Norwich The Waterfront
2nd March LONDON The Garage

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Dead Deads - Nothing Will Be Fine

The Nashville, Tennessee, alternative rockers THE DEAD DEADS releases an EP 2017, where today's tune was included, a video was made for "Nothing Will Be Fine". A tune were they have created a sound and a culture that is part heritage, part science fiction, and all ROCK. Heads bang as metal and grunge riffs are beaten into submission by relentless, often bombastic rhythms. Sixties harmonies, brutal growls and finely crafted wordplay force unexpected stops and odd time signatures into undeniable hooks creating a new brand of drum-driven rock–brutal, silly and sublime.

THE DEAD DEADS are very influenced by the sound of bands from 90’s, like THE PIXIES and SONIC YOUTH, to a more modern metal acts like MASTODON and BARONESS and the punkish and grunge roots of NOFX, WEEZER, NIRVANA. Very interesting mix of music.

They have been very busy touring over the years. And in 2017 got off to a crazy start with another trip on ShipRocked, direct support for NONPOINT and a run with ALTER BRIDGE and at the same time they released the latest EP, produced by Matt Mahaffey. They are currently writing for the third studio record, and will finish the year out with SEETHERs "Poison the Parish" tour after two shows with SKID ROW.

Today's tune is the politically charged song "Nothing Will Be Fine" is taken from THE DEAD DEADS summer '17 EP. Video Credits: Produced by The Dead Deads and Erick Anderson Director of Photography: Erick Anderson Video Editor: Leticia Wolf Starring: THE DEAD DEADS, Keiffer Infantino and Marcus Mesto Recorded at West Light Studios in Franklin, TN

More info @

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Zack De La Rocha - Digging For Windows

Zack De La Rocha released his first solo single "Digging For Windows" in over a decade last year. The single was going to promote his upcoming solo album, it was suppose the be released during 2017, but it's still quiet at the De La Rocha camp, will it ever be released or will it just be dropped any day?

The rapper, known for his work with RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, delivers bleak lines with claustrophobic urgency and stark force: "I stare at a future so toxic/ No trust in the dust of a promise/ Won't mark the name on a ballot/ So they can be free to devour our options." The song is the first off de la Rocha's as-yet-untitled upcoming solo album, which is set for release sometime next year".

El-P produced "Digging For Windows", utilizing a terse, bruising beat and sludgy, battering-ram bassline. Matt Sweeney contributed spindly guitar to the track, while Nick Hook provided "additional keys." De La Rocha and El-P worked together in 2014 on "Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)," which appeared on Run the Jewels 2.

De La Rocha made his latest track available for free download on BitTorrent. "Thanks to the late Manuel Alvarez Bravo for creating the cover art photo," the rapper wrote.

New solo music from De la Rocha has long been rumored. He released the One Day as a Lion EP in 2008 with Jon Theodore. He's mostly stayed quiet since then, occasionally appearing on other artists' records.

"He's been working his ass off here in the last couple of years," former RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE bassist Tim Commerford told Rolling Stone in 2015. "The kid is an amazing musician. He built a studio in his house, and he's there all the time making a One Day as a Lion full album. That's his band, and he's a 'one band' kind of guy."

Today's tune "Digging For Windows" by Zach De La Rocha. Produced by el-p, additional guitar by matt sweeney, additional keys by nick hook, vocal tracking by john debold, mixed by joey raia, mastered by joe laporta.

More info @

Official Zack De La Rocha Web

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Prophets of Rage - Unfuck The World

"Unfuck the World" was the first musical statement from PROPHETS OF RAGEs self-titled full-length debut certainly hits its mark. Where all the fury is set on a number of societal ills. The song and video point out more ills than you can count, but the revolution has got to start somewhere and this song is definitely a rally cry moving people to action.

Chuck D. and B-Real trade off vocals, urging a societal revolution against hatred, racism and war while holding our politicians accountable. It’s directed by Michael Moore, and juxtaposes politically-charged footage—like Donald Trump holding that damn orb—with shots of the band performing. Watch it below.

Moore shared this statement about the video in a press release:

I am thrilled to once again be working with my old friends and comrades in the struggle for a just world. PROPHETS OF RAGE is the right band, saying the right shit, at this very critical moment. This music video is our collective battle cry against those who seek to harm the innocent and the powerless. I am proud to have directed this video and I ask all who see it do their part to unfuck this world. ALL HANDS ON DECK!”


PROPHETS OF RAGE is an American rap rock supergroup. Formed in 2016, the group consists of three members of RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE and AUDIOSLAVE (bassist and backing vocalist Tim Commerford, guitarist Tom Morello, and drummer Brad Wilk), two members of PUBLIC ENEMY (DJ Lord and rapper Chuck D), and rapper B-Real of CYPRESS HILL.

Today's tune "Unfuck The World" is taken from the self-titled debut studio album by American rap rock supergroup Prophets of Rage. The album was released on September 15, 2017, by Fantasy Records.

More info @

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Monday, November 27, 2017

Enslaved - E

Monday, time to introduce "Record Of The Week"

"E" is the fourteenth full length studio album from the Norwegian Viking neighbours ENSLAVED. The band's music draws heavily on the Viking cultural and religious heritage of their home country of Norway for inspiration, and most of the band's lyrics relate to Norse mythology. The Black Metal band that have infused more progressive tones into their sound over the years, nothing bad with that, rather better in my opinion.

Mastermind Ivar explains about the title E:

"The concept of the album lies in both it’s meaning as a letter in the latin alphabet, and it’s runic reference: the rune "Ehwaz", that is depicted as an "M" when drawn as rune (just to make sure it gets really confusing) – the runes are drawn to look like what they literally mean. Ehwaz (pronounced and used as what's known as E, but drawn as an “M”) looks like and means 'horse'. Which is closely linked to its esoteric meaning; which is 'trust' and 'co-operation'. One of mankind's oldest and deepest pairings/collaborations with any "outside" entities is with the horse. When they were first tamed and utilised there must have arisen the notion of some esoteric link between the two; now we could move swiftly, escape faster and even eat and drink from the animal (both horse milk and horse blood), and of course show off and brag before our enemies and peers with the most spectacular horses.

So, no, it is not about horses! It is about the symbioses that surrounds us; which are vital to our existence, to our development – on all scales: man and vessel (for instance horse, yes), a person and its significant other, child and parent, musician and instrument, chaos and order, subconscious and conscious, Oden and Sleipnir – wisdom and communication. There are many levels and variations of this concept on the album; the duality of man and nature, present and past personalities within one self, the conscious fear and the subconscious drive. And other symbiosis."

"E" is a record that breaths fresh air, not an old wunderbaum that starts to loose it fragrances, here its more natural essences that spreads overs the harmonies of the album. It's with an ease to play this record, excellent production with superb musical handcraft, thought out song structures, depth filled melodies where all the rhythms flows so smoothly, like a gentle hand caresses your body with sensual emotion. The vocals are marvellous, pending from beaming clean vocals by Hakon Vinje to Grutle Kjellson superlative harsh vocals.

The album opens up with the epic first single "Storm Son", it's also the longest tune on the album, the almost 11 wonderfully minutes. Here they mix progressive calm with crunchy black metal. Then the album takes a little turn with "The River’s Mouth" where the speed goes up a notch, heavier riffs and vocals. "Sacred Horse" keeps up the speed, a more progressive layout, hammering drums, distinct riffing, harsh vocals. "Axis of The World" have a more rockier approach, excellent riffs and melody and superb vocal parts. "Feathers of Eolh" is a real experimental progressive and groovy dark piece that charges up and blows a few times, well done! "Hiindsiight" wraps up E fluidly, doomy grandeur piece that makes it an magnificently ending.

Sum: Highly Recommended album, don't miss this one! .

Today's tune "The River's Mouth", taken from "E", released October 13th, 2017. Music video by Josh Graham of

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